Why You Need Both Physical Security and Computer Network Security for Total Security Protection

In the world of IT security, the focus for many companies has been just on cyber or network security. Most people don't give an extra thought to the physical protection of their expensive hardware and premises. But, we're here to make the very important point that businesses need both physical security and computer network security in a combined, c...
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Security Systems 101 – The Basics Of What Every Home Owner Should Know

Home security systems are becoming commonplace for today's home owners. The desire to feel secure and know that your home is protected no matter where you happen to be is a big part of the reason more and more people are choosing to invest in these systems, and the technology available on the market is constantly improving. And with the rate of bre...
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8 Important Questions To Ask Your Security System Provider

Before You Invest In A Business Security System, Make Sure You're Working With Genuine Professionals. One of the smartest investments a business owner can make is in a commercial security system. The right system, installed and monitored by experienced and reputable professionals, offers a sense of safety and peace of mind that extends to your staf...
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10 Tips For Keeping Your Home Secure While You Enjoy Your Vacation

Getting the chance to take a vacation, whether it's a weekend trip to a nearby city or two weeks on a sandy beach somewhere far away, is generally one of the highlights of your year. You spend a lot of time and money planning out your trip in order to get the most out of the experience, and eagerly look forward to being someplace new and exciting. ...
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Tips for Improving Security At Your Small Business

Small businesses like yours usually start out by trying to do everything in-house. Your business is new, so it can seem smarter to try to manage everything directly, rather than trust your future to a third party. While this may be true, it's certainly risky as well; when it comes to something as important as your security, you can't afford to cut ...
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