Do it yourselfThere are many advantages to going with Powered Protection. The first is that all of our prices include professional installation. With Ring you must install all equipment yourself. Second you are dealing with a local company that can support you and your system in the future should a service issue arise. Our systems are far less likely to be hacked as we require mandatory password updates, email and text verification, and login notifications. Our systems are monitored 24/7 365 by trained operators working in our UL listed monitoring station. We are able to notify your call list, dispatch local authorities and have a technician on staff 24/7 to answer any technical questions you may have. The advantages to going with Powered Protection far out weigh Ring low cost options. We do believe that you get what you pay for with Powered Protection.

DIY Security (Ring)

The do-it-yourself (or DIY) option allows you to take security into your own hands. DIY security products are readily available and can be purchased locally in big-box stores, or online. A DIY system requires you to do just that – purchase, install, learn how to use and monitor it yourself. You’ll bypass installation, monthly monitoring fees, and having to sign a contract, but you will have to physically install the camera, motion detectors, door sensors, and any other devices you want as part of your security system.

Most DIY options claim that you can open the box with all your equipment and have a new security system up and running within an hour.

This all sounds great but be warned. Based on a study by the Parks Association, it takes the average person 4.8 hours to install a system without professional help.

Many DIY installation guides are complex, and this could have you wondering if you installed the security system properly. Without the help of a trained professional, motion detectors could lead to false alarms every time light passes through a room or when air pressure changes. Door contacts fall off the doors in the middle of the evening and many other issues may occur.

With the self-monitored DIY option, you’ll receive smartphone notifications when doors open or when motion is detected, but only you see these alerts.

Now imagine all the times when you’re sleeping, showering, in a meeting, at the gym, your phone’s battery almost dead, or you have spotty service. How will you be able to protect your home in these instances? Simply put, you won’t be able to. And because you’re the master behind monitoring mobile alerts and verifying emergencies, this also means if an emergency happens, you’re in charge of contacting the authorities. And what about driving home to check out the door alarm? Are you prepared to rush home speeding and possibly getting into an accident or pulled over by the police for speeding?

After The Purchase

And when something doesn’t work, you have to call their technical support number and “fix” it yourself. Sometimes you can be on the phone for hours and when a part is needed you have to wait for that part to come from the company like Ring. In the meantime, your alarm may not be usable.

The Powered Protection Option

With a professionally installed and monitored security system, trained professionals design a custom system that fits your needs, install the equipment, monitor your home 24/7/365 and provide technical support after the installation.

On the day of installation, you’ll be able to sit back and relax! Our licensed and certified technician will come to your location to install the security system, test it to make sure it’s working properly, train you on how to use it and teach you best practices for getting the most out of your security system. Depending on the complexity and size of your system, installation can take as little as an hour or two (and may take less time than DIY options like SimpliSafe or Ring).

After the installation

When something does break, you just call Powered Protection and we come out to fix the problem, same day! No dealing with an annoying call center. Just sit back and let us do the repair.

This type of alarm system comes in handy when you’re away from your phone and miss a notification. You can continue living your busy life knowing that when an alarm does go off, Powered Protection will call the police or fire department for you! Our certified alarm operators will monitor your home for alerts 24/7/365.

The choice is clear. The Powered Protection option makes the most sense.

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