Temperature MonitoringIn Western New York, we live in a climate of extremes. It can be very hot in the summer, and freezing cold in the winter.

Keep an eye on your home’s temperature with a temperature monitoring system.

The extreme temperatures can be hard on your home’s structure, and can result in issues like frozen pipes, flooding, and food spoilage. Because of this, Powered Protection offers temperature monitoring systems. Our state-of-the-art systems allow you to monitor the temperature of your home, and prevent damage from a failed heating and air conditioning system.

When you invest in a Powered Protection Inc. temperature monitoring system, you’ll benefit from:

  • A Dual Temperature Sensor: This allows you to control your system with simultaneous operation from local and remote probes.
  • Programmable Hysteresis: To prevent multiple alarms from going off at once.
  • Programmable Alarm Delay: So you’ll ignore temporary conditions, and focus only on extreme changes in temperature over time.
  • An Audible Alarm: With silence timeout and alarm memory.
  • 24-Hour Protection for your home.

It’s a clear choice. Whether you’re concerned about damage to your house, or damage to property in your home, Powered Protection has you covered.

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