Frequently Asked QuestionsSecurity systems for your home or business are big investments, but they’ll ultimately pay off in added security and value.

If you have any questions, here’s a list of frequently asked questions!

Q: Can I control the system with my smart phone?

A: Yes. Our security systems can be installed to provide remote access via your cell phone to view live video feeds.

Q: Will I have to sign a long-term contract?

A: No. We offer contracts that range from one to four years.

Q: I have a finished basement. Can you install the system without damaging the walls or ceiling?

A: We will install a system that is completely wireless, meaning, you’ll get full protection without disturbing your ceiling, walls or décor.

Q: Will I be notified when my system is armed and/or disarmed, or the alarm goes off?

A: Yes. If the alarm sounds, we’ll contact you via the contact phone number(s) you designated. If you want to know when your system was armed and/or disarmed, we offer open and close reports—You’ll receive notification of all openings and closings of your system on a monthly basis. We can provide this via mail or email.

Q: What happens when my alarm goes off?

A: When the alarm is triggered, we will call the premises phone number. If no one answers, we’ll call the first person on your contact list. If we can’t reach anyone with a valid password, the authorities will be dispatched to your location. We’ll continue trying to reach someone on your contact list. If we can’t, we’ll leave messages for them.

Q: What if an intruder forces me to disarm my alarm?

A: If you are forced to disarm your system, you can enter a duress code that will silence the system. This will trick the intruder into thinking you’ve disarmed it, when in actuality, you’ve sent a silent panic alarm to the monitoring response center. The center will immediately dispatch the police to your location.

Q: Can I contact the authorities during an emergency using my system?

A: There are panic buttons on your keypad(s) for police, fire and paramedics. Simply press the appropriate button and hold for two seconds. The proper authorities will immediately be dispatched to your location. We also offer wireless panic buttons that can be programmed for the same features.

Q: What if I have motion detectors and want to arm the system while I’m still on premises?

A: Your system has a “stay” feature. This allows you to arm the exterior zones of your home or business while bypassing your motion detectors. You can move around freely while knowing your exterior zones are protected.

Q: What if I accidentally set off my alarm?

A: Disarm your system as soon as possible with your 4-digit code. This will silence the alarm. The Monitoring Response Center will contact you. Simply let them know it was a false alarm, and provide your password to cancel the dispatch.

Please note, once the authorities have been dispatched, it may not be possible to cancel their visit. Each jurisdiction is different in this regard, and the dispatcher will inform you if visit can’t be cancelled.

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