Data CablingGet started to ensure superior performance with our structured data cabling!

We’ll make sure your security systems work at peak performance.

With advances in technology, it would seem that one data cable would be like any other. This simply isn’t true: robust structured cabling ensures that your security systems, camera systems, or wireless connection will work at peak performance. If you’re looking for cabling, you’ve come to the right place. Powered Protection works with systems like yours every day, and can recommend the best cabling for your needs.

Choosing data cabling with Powered Protection means:

  • Individual cabling is available for any system you have, including video, TV, composite, and more.
  • Speaker cables can be installed according to your requirements.
  • Composite cables feature a jacketless design that makes them easy to handle and install.
  • Coaxial cables have a unique shielding, with 80% braid and an outer layer of foil.
  • Video cables feature bonded pairs that make them ideal for video streaming and VGA/RGB applications, where precision and low-data skew are important.
  • Connectors and tools are also available.

For all of your data cabling needs, reach out and speak with us.

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